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Retreat Days

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Wellbeing Retreat Day


Next Retreat Dates:

Saturday 25th May 2024

Saturday 29th June 2024


Are you ready to feel amazing? A wonderful day to give yourself beautiful sacred activities to nourish your mind, body and soul.




Please see example the itinerary below and review from past students:⁠

10am: Arrival/Welcome tea⁠
10.15 - 12.45am: Yin Yoga⁠, Chakra Balancing and Intentions Setting Workshop⁠
1pm-2pm: Delicious lunch⁠
2pm-3pm: Chakra Dancing Meditation
3pm - 4pm: Sound Healing

Now taking bookings for the next retreat day. Investment = £109 includes lunch 🙏. 

Reviews from past retreat days:

Myself and my Daughter had the most amazing day in a wonderfully relaxing space with a handful of beautiful people. We have spent many days with Vayia (who by the way, is an Angel 👼, such a genuine lovely soul and a pleasure to be around) on various training workshops/courses and loved them all! however, this was the first at the Wellness Barn...such a special space, and the food was amazing too! We had a magical day, you always feel 'at home' in Vayia's company and this was no exception, the day left us feeling as though we had had a week away from the 'real world' . I personally finished the day feeling calm, balanced and focused ... completely refreshed.
Can't wait to come back for the next retreat day 😍
Thank you xx



Feedback from those who have participated in the wellbeing retreat days.


Vayia is one of the most kind, gentle and loving souls I have ever come across. Her retreat day was full of lovely people and magical moments.
It was amazing how we went through such a journey in just a day! We had Yoga, dancing mediation, sound healing mediation and to end a coca ceremony! Oh I almost forgot the amazing Sri lankan lunch that was provided too. If you are looking for a day retreat this one had everything and the location is simply beautiful! X


In January I attended one of Vayia's Yoga Retreat Days & it was nothing short of spectacular. Having never attended a retreat day before I wasn't really sure what to expect, apart from yoga obviously :).

I was going through a tough time both mentally & emotionally and needed a day like this to focus on myself, de-stress and get out of my head for a while. The meditation sessions certainly helped with that & the sound healing was such an amazing, relaxing experience. The intention setting and cacao ceremony at the end of the day was so enlightening & it was in this session that I felt a real breakthrough.

I walked away from the day feeling empowered and at ease to move forward in my life. Thank you Vayia, I will definitely be back xx


I recently experienced the most amazing retreat at the Wellness Barn with Vayia... We started with yoga, followed by kundalini dancing which was incredible, dancing on the spot with your eyes clothes to uplifting music. I felt free and not a care in the world.

The day was finished off with an Cacao ceremony, I felt the benefits of the cacao on the following day also, a feeling of clarity and calmness. I would highly recommend this retreat and I will be going again.


Vayia's wellbeing retreat day was absolutely amazing, the most blissful way to spend a Sunday surrounded by likeminded people, in a gorgeous location in the countryside. The day started with a gentle yin yoga class, moving into a powerful dynamic meditation. A yummy Ayurvedic lunch set us up for the afternoon with a sound bath and finishing off with a very special cacao ceremony. Thank you :)


be still  be inspired  be free

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Vayia is a respected published author. Her guided workbook will take you on a journey to yourself, to your heart and to your inner wisdom. It will help you remember your dharma (purpose) in this lifetime and take steps to bring it into action, creating a life of fulfilment.


Find Your Purpose  workbook


be still  be inspired  be free

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