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Beginners Yoga & Yin Yoga Course

Join us for a 6-week Beginners Yoga & Yin Yoga course!

Next course:

Wednesday 17th April - Wednesday 22nd May


Investment: £90 

Can't make all dates no worries just get in touch at

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Always wanted to try yoga?

This is your chance to experience yoga in a lovely non-judgmental space.

A space for you to help your mind, body and soul.

To bring back that mind, body connection, get rid of pains within your body, feel healthy not just in your body but also your mind and emotions.

Try and you might fall in love with something new!


be still  be inspired  be free




Feedback from those who have participated on our meditation and mindfulness course

Vayia guides you to a lovely space where you can switch off all your thoughts, relax, unwound and find a deeper connection.


 I implemented the yogic breathing everyday into my life for the whole course. I had more energy than I had in years and slept amazingly!



Since Vayia' meditation course my stress levels are so m much lower and I am finding that things don't bother me as much.


I always was intrigued to start meditation but had no idea if I could do it or where to start. Vayia makes you feel so relaxed and is a great teacher, now I meditate every day. I highly recommend the course!


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