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Weekly Classes

 Mindful Monday

9.30am-11am: Monday Feel Good Yoga with Fredee

A classical hatha yoga class with a focus on how through the body we change our emotional state for the better. 

With over 20 years teaching experience, Fredee's passion is to cultivate an overall state of well-being in our practice that equips us to deal with the challenges of the day. Improve your overall mobility and boost your mood. What a way to start the week!! Classes are £17

To book email or visit

6pm-7pm: SOMA Breathwork Meditation with Rachel

Breathwork allows us to access our own unique inner pharmacy, and has the ability to move us from negative stress to calm in a few beautiful coherent breaths. SOMA Breath is breathwork to DJ inspired beats, designed to take you in to a beautiful and immersive meditative frequency like no other. £11 drop-in or £90 for a block of 10 classes.

For more info and to book visit


7.15pm-8.15pm: Healing Yoga Flow with Sarah B

This class unites asanas (postures) with the breath, creating a steady internal rhythm and slowly building heat in the physical body. By slowly flowing through asanas we create both strength and flexibility, by focusing on our breath we create space and relieve ourselves of tension, and by turning inward we learn to focus and find calm. 


Oh, and we do all this while having a bit of fun, because life (and yoga) should never be taken too seriously… 

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£12 drop-in

8.30pm-9.45pm: Relaxing Yin Yoga and Soothing Soundbath with Charlie

Join Charlie, an experienced Senior Yoga teacher and therapist, and regulate your nervous system while developing an inner quietude. This is a meditative breath-led practice involving myofascial release and deep stretching followed by a healing soundbath to help improve your sleep. 

£15 drop-in or £65 for 5 class pack.


For more info and to book email or visit

Transformational Tuesday

7pm-9/9.30pm: Soul Development Circle (3rd Tuesday of every month)

Wanting to transform your life? Have a deeper spiritual connection? Or a space for you every month to keep your spiritual connection? Then this is the soul development circle for you. It's not just a circle, it is also a long-term commitment to yourself about being your amazing beautiful self, living your purpose and living the life you choose.

We meet once a month to learn the new topic of the month and then you will support your transformation by implementing the topic into your month, through various rituals, meditations, journaling and reading. We will have a whatsap group for sharing, support and accountability.

This is a training about committing to yourself for whatever your reason, maybe more love-more inner peace-more spiritual connection - shining your light - living the life you choose - living your purpose-living in alignment with your soul.

 Please check out some of the wonderful topics you will embody below:

1. The Seat of Your Soul Lies in Your Heart

2. Increasing Your Intuition- and Developing your Connection to Your Soul and the Divine

3. Removing Money Blocks - Living an Abundant Life

4. Manifesting

5. Working with Energy- Raising Your Vibrational Energy - Protecting yourself from others energy

6. Ancestral and Past Life Healing

This is a yearly commitment. If you decide this Soul Development Circle is not for you then, no worries, you can give one months notice. The yearly commitment is because there is so much juicy content to cover and for you to embody in your life, have time to integrate what you learn into your life all whilst having like-minded support and connection with your soul sisters. A chance to be unapologetically you.

Every month you will be given different practices to implement into your week which will include journalling, implementing intentions, rituals, healing and abundance meditations. You will be given many free resources though some months you will be asked to purchase a pack of angel cards, a pendulum (if you don't have them already) and a specific spiritual book related to the topic. 

This Soul Sister Development Circle is for anyone really wanting to commit to themselves, to be their potential, live their purpose and deepen their spiritual connection.

Taught by Vayia Nafees, founder of The Wellness Barn, Be Your Spirit Teacher Trainings and Author of  'Journey To Your Soul Purpose'.

The investment of this Soul Development Circle is £795 for the year and you are welcome to pay monthly installments if you prefer of £66.25 and can cancel anytime with a 1 months notice.

If you are ready to transform your life you can join the Soul Sister Development Circle here:

Any questions contact Vayia at

Wellbeing Wednesday

10am-11am: Blissful Yoga with Chloe: The Winter Wellbeing Series (starts 2nd November for 7 weeks)

Join Chloe for a 7 week course of Flow Yoga classes to bolster our wellbeing over the course of the colder months.

Mental wellbeing can take a little hit with less sunlight, colder wetter weather, not to mention the mounting pressure from the wider world in various forms. Yoga lends us tools to tap into our inner reservoir of compassion and strength through meditation, mindfulness and a plethora of wisdom the tradition has to offer. Each week will take a different focus area and use intention, movement and meditation to feel well in body, mind and spirit.

Week 1 - Grounding (Sthira/Steadiness) the energy of feeling stable and grounded

Week 2 - Patience, the energy of delayed gratification as we wile out the longer nights

Week 3 - Presence, the energy of finding peace in the present

Week 4 - Balance and flow, an energy that is always in flux so learning to be sensitive to it's peaks and troughs and flowing with it

Week 5 - Generosity, the energy of sharing without expectiations and without losing sight of one's own boundaries

Week 6 - Appreciation, the energy of gratitude and inspiration from all that is good

Week 7 - Contentment (santosha), the energy of balanced joy that is the undercurrent to our days

You can join single class in person for £12 or online for £10. You can book the course of 7 weeks for £69 in person and £49 online This is non refundable but if you miss a class you will be sent the online recording to do at your leisure. The recording is saved for 5 days so you must download it if you want to use it beyond this time frame.

No experience necessary but please get in touch if you are a newbie.

To book: email

11.30am-12.30pm: Somatic Release Breathwork with Laura

Somatic release breathwork ™️ allows participants to physically release supressed emotions and trauma from the body. Using the power of the breath we will then activate the Parasympathetic nervous system bringing you into a peaceful, balanced state, allowing for clarity and connection.

Laura will hold space and lovingly guide you through this transformational session. 

£12 drop in or 5 classes for £50 (term time only). Book here:

7pm-8.15pm: Meditation and Mindfulness Course (next 6-week course starting Wednesday 2nd November) with Vayia

Taught by Vayia Nafees, Founder of The Wellness Barn and Transformational Meditation Teacher Training. Vayia has over 15years experience in teaching meditation and has a passion to spread this amazing tool to the masses.

Benefits of Meditation:
* Alleviates Stress, Anxiety. Panic Attacks, Worries
* Promotes a Restful Sleep
* Brings the body out of Fight and Flight mode and into Rest and Digest Mode
* Increase Happiness, Joy and Relationship (as meditation increase Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin and Endorphins)
* Improves Brain Functionality and memory
* Creates new Neuropathways
* Brings a deeper sense of Connection and Purpose

Investment: £75. Click here to book


8.30pm-9.20pm: Sound Bath Healing Session with Chandra
Everything has a Vibrational Frequency, including us humans. It would make sense that sound frequencies would impact how we feel, for example, we notice how particular songs or types of music can affect our mood and emotions.

Sound Healing is an Ancient Healing Technique, using tonal frequencies of a variety of Sound Instruments to bring the body into a state of vibrational balance . Investment: £15


To find out more about the benefits of sound healing and book your session visit

Therapeutic Thursday

9.30am-10.30am: Yoga Therapy with Julie

A great class if you have a specific health condition or aches and pains. A class to make you feel better in your physical body, to improve flexibility, balance and strength. Not only in the body but also the mind. You are in very good care with the experienced Yoga Therapy teacher, Julie.


For more info or to book email:

11am-12pm: Slow Down Switch Off with Gráinne (1st and 3rd Thursday every week)

Relax for an hour while you are bathed in the sounds of Himalayan and Crystal singing bowls, chimes and tuned pipes to bring balance to the body. The sound vibrations impact our nervous system, engaging our relaxation reflex and inhibiting the stress or pain response.

This session will restore your body's natural rhythm leaving your mind and body feeling rested and rejuvenated.


£16 drop-in. To book your space visit

1pm-2pm: Kundalini Yoga with Zoe (Starting 3rd November)


Join Zoe for a Kundalini yoga class to reset, connect and awaken your creativity. We will open with a mantra, followed by a kriya, meditation and short sound relaxation with one of my singing bowls. The class is about self-love and connection and I will give you meditations,  or mantras, to work with between classes to support your journey. 

Dress comfy. No experience is required. Mats are provided. 

£12 drop-in or 5 classes for £50  Please book in advance online


6pm - 7pm: Forrest Inspired Yoga with Evie

To book, visit

 7.15pm - 8.15pm: Restorative Yoga and Reiki with Chandra

This class is the perfect opportunity for replenishment and healing.  Enjoy a quiet time to rest and receive as you process your week thus far.


To book, email or visit

Feelgood Friday


1st Friday of every month: 7.30pm-10pm Tea, Tarot, Cacao and Oracle Card Intuitive Evening with Vayia

Offered by Vayia the founder of. The Wellness  Barn, this evening is about increasing your intuitive abilities through cacao, meditations and practicing reading the cards on yourself  and others if you wish. Everyone welcome, a lovely social event too. Investment: £30


To book, email Vayia at


2nd Friday of every month: 6.45pm-7.45pm Sing Your Soul - Women’s Song Circle with Sarah

Join us in exploring freedom of expression and connection through vocal toning, mantra, spirit songs and beautiful uplifting part songs. For all voices, whether yours is big or small, used to singing or has been hiding away!


To book, visit


2nd Friday of every month: 8pm -9.15pm Drum Circle with Sarah

Experience freedom, healing and joy through spirit of the drum.  Develop your connection to your drum and yourself as we explore where the rhythm takes us. Frame drums are provided or you are welcome to bring your own.


To book, visit

4th Friday of every month: 6.45pm-7.45pm Sing Your Soul - Women’s Song Circle with Sarah

Join us in exploring freedom of expression and connection through vocal toning, mantra, spirit songs and beautiful uplifting part songs. For all voices, whether yours is big or small, used to singing or has been hiding away!


To book, visit


4th Friday of every month: 8.15pm -9.15pm: Soundbath with Sarah

To book, visit

Selfcare Saturday

 10.30am- Onwards: Events, Workshops, Trainings. For more info visit the events page


Supersoul Sunday


Retreat days, Reiki Courses, Yoga Workshops, Sound Healing, Trainings. For more info visit the events page




Feedback from those who have participated in our workshops, courses, classes and retreats


The meditation sessions were eye-opening and I had never practised meditation before and the experience with Vayia was transformational. Same with the Reiki- incredible! Vayia makes you feel so welcomed, relaxed and at peace, she creates the perfect atmosphere to let your inhibitions go and find peace within. I really can’t fully explain how much I enjoyed the weekend, how much I gained from it emotionally, mentally and physically. Thanks Vayia!


Reiki Teacher


The meditation course taught me equanimity, being able to find joy and calmness in difficult situations. Vayia is an extremely special lady who came into my life to transform it for the better, if you are reading this and contemplating on whether to do the course, I hope this message gives you a little nudge to go for it! You will not be disappointed!




Prior to meeting Vayia, Reiki wasn’t something I was overly aware of. However, Vayia instantly made me curious to understand and find out more. She has an amazing ability to put you at ease, with a calming, caring and understanding manner. After one session with Vayia, I felt not only relaxed, but more in control of my own thoughts and confidence in these. I would recommend Reiki, and Vayia is a fantastic practitioner.



Media Manager