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5-Week Mindfulness and Meditation Evening

with Vayia Nafees

Join me for a 5-week Mindfulness and Meditation Evening to bring you back to inner peace and contentment.

Next course:

Wednesday 28th February - 27th March


Investment: £99

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Benefits of Meditation:

* Alleviates Stress, Anxiety. Panic Attacks, Worries

* Promotes a Restful Sleep

* Brings the body out of Fight and Flight mode and into Rest and Digest Mode

* Increase Happiness, Joy and Relationship (as meditation increase Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin and Endorphins)

* Improves Brain Functionality and memory

* Creates new Neuropathways

* Brings a deeper sense of Connection and Purpose 

What to expect:

An evening of relaxation and rejuvenating through

Breath-work: Yogic Breathing

Mindfulness - Based on Buddhist Meditation

Angelic Healing Guided Meditations


be still  be inspired  be free




Feedback from those who have participated on our meditation and mindfulness course

Vayia guides you to a lovely space where you can switch off all your thoughts, relax, unwound and find a deeper connection.


 I implemented the yogic breathing everyday into my life for the whole course. I had more energy than I had in years and slept amazingly!



Since Vayia' meditation course my stress levels are so m much lower and I am finding that things don't bother me as much.


I always was intrigued to start meditation but had no idea if I could do it or where to start. Vayia makes you feel so relaxed and is a great teacher, now I meditate every day. I highly recommend the course!


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