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Soul Sister Community 


with Vayia Nafees

Living a life in alignment with your soul's desires

Connecting deep within to your soul, spirit and the divine

Connecting with like-minded souls

A monthly commitment to your spiritual side


Soul Sister Community


Join Vayia's community of awakened souls rising up together. 

To shine your light you were born to shine - to live your Purpose, Passions, Potential and Manifest your dreams.

All with the support guidance, mentorshi, love and accountability from Vayia x


Join the face-to-face membership or Online membership:

Face to Face Membership includes




6PM-7.30PM: Soul Connection Dancing Meditations/OSHO Active Meditation/Chakra-Dancing Meditation

7.45pm-10pm:  Soul Sanctuary Circle 

(A social event with like-minded souls combined with developing your spiritual side through Oracle Cards, Guided Meditations and Cacao)


5.45pm - 6.45pm: Blissful Yoga

All of the above held @TheWellnessBarn

Membership Investment:

£66.25 per month with a minimum 3 month commitment.

(The bundle above is worth £195 per month) 

*Bonus: You get to join the online community for free- so don't worry if you miss a class- so many classes and workshops you can access through the online membership


Online Soul Sister Community

Awakening, Healing, Purpose and Potential

Join Vayia's online community for whatever phrase you are currently in:

Awakening: Not really sure what is going on - days are up and down- life does not seem to be serving you - feel like a victim and crave to hold on to the past. Spiritual practices of yoga, mindfulness, meditation and much more.

Healing: Emotions are arising and no idea what to do with them.

Want to heal deep- situations from the past in this life

Generational Trauma and Healing Patterns - classes and sessions to guide you deeper to heal so you can move into the stages below.

Purpose: Everyone has a Dharma (Purpose) in this lifetime - which is something you love doing and it benefits Humanity and Earth- not sure what that is be guided through Vayia's online course of finding your Dharma.

Potential: Living Your Potential- You have been made in the like of the Universe- You can do anything in this lifetime. Fulfil Your Dreams and become your potential by stepping into the light inside of you! Specific course designed for you to step into your worth with monthly master classes from Vayia.

Everything you want in one place from connecting on a deeper spiritual level within you to changing your life, living your wildest dreams and manifesting what you like...

With weekly lives from Vayia to keep you on tract with going for your dreams or looking after your wellbeing.

Starting Soon...Join the waitlist to be in the first co-hort.....

Membership Investment:

£66.25 per month and cancel anytime with a 1 months notice.



Feedback from those who are in the Soul Sister Community


I just wanted to say thank you for all you have done to create a space for us all. It feels like another home and I look forward to every meet up. You have changed me so much as a person, you've helped me work through so much. Thank you always!



I look forward to every meet up. I love the energy of the classes and the community. I have made friends and have soul sisters that want to see me do well. I have cried and laughed in the sessions. For sure life wouldn't be going so good for me if I wasn't in this community.


I absolutely love this group! I love the classes. Vayia's guidance and support is invaluable. My life has changed- my work is more successful - I am manifesting more - I have increased my intuitive abilities. We stopped for the month of August and I really missed the class and community in my life. Thank you Vayia for this awesome community.


I just wanted to show you some big love. I've just booked flights for our summer family holiday to Croatia. And I booked them with MY money that I made from my retreat!!! I never thought it would be possible. Thank you for always believing in me and giving me the oomph to get out there and do my thang! Love you x



journey to your soul purpose.png

Vayia is a respected published author. Her guided workbook will take you on a journey to yourself, to your heart and to your inner wisdom. It will help you remember your dharma (purpose) in this lifetime and take steps to bring it into action, creating a life of fulfilment.


Find your purpose workbook

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